Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Armchair Novel Review: The Vault

The Vault
by Ruth Rendell

Paperback, 272 pages
Also available as an eBook

Wexford is retired - not dead!

Ruth Rendell, possibly the world's favourite living British murder mystery writer, has come out with a new, much-anticipated novel featuring her beloved sleuth Chief Inspector Reg Wexford.

Now retired, Wexford is living both in his Kingsmarkham home and in the coach house of his daughter's estate. He has taken up long walks and a comfortable rekindling with his wife, but is immediately drawn in when offered to act as consultant on a most unusual case.

The bodies of four people have been found in the coal chute of an aging home. Three of them had been there for some time and were badly decomposed; one of them had only been there a couple of years.
Intrigued, Wexford accompanies Detective Superintendent Tom Ede in the search for who the unfortunate victims are and how they came to be stowed away under a patio in such a manner.

Detective Ede is impatient, but Wexford is able to deliberately and skillfully peel away the layers of mystery - despite the limitations of his retirement.

There is something so wonderful about reading British murder mystery novels in the chilly months. They require that one has a cup of hot tea and a seat in the window so that one may read in comfort while the wind and rain beat at the panes. This, surely, is bliss.