Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Armchair Novel Review: Web of Angels by Lilian Nattel

Web of Angels
a Novel
Written by Lilian Nattel

Trade Paperback, 368 pages
Also available as an eBook

Web of Angels grabbed me right from the first sentence. A literary novel, with elements of mystery and enough quirkiness to add lightness to such a deep and difficult subject matter.

Sharon Lewis is a mother of three in a small community near downtown Toronto. With strong determination and the help of a good therapist, she keeps herself and her family together - despite having DID, Dissociative Identity Disorder.

In fact the multiple aspect of her mind often gives her insight into what is going on around her and lends her an almost ESP-like ability to find lost items.

Then tragedy happens - a pregnant teenage girl commits suicide in their close-knit community. Sharon fights to protect her family, and the sister the girl left behind, while the fractures of her mind make sense of what happened.

The book delves into unfathomable depths and is uplifting at the same time. It explores the worst that humans can do to each other, and the best they can do for each other. In the end it's about how we can cope, heal, and move on.

A beautiful book.

Lilian talking about Web of Angels and DID

Lilian's Website - http://liliannattel.com/