Friday, 25 May 2012

I Want to be an IAMS Dog When I Grow Up

This is where I have been! Playing with doggies!

In my three day adventure in Ohio, one of the highlights was visiting the P&G Pet Care Facility Pet Nutrition Center. 

Set on 200 gorgeous acres, the dogs and cats and people there are some of the happiest I have met.

Most importantly, I got to play with the doggies!!!!!! They are so cute and live better than I do. It was fun to learn about the feeding studies and how some dogs have learned how to beat the system to get extra food. (Smart doggies!)

They are adopted by the facility with a life plan, get the greatest of care and are adopted out when their work is done. People love to adopt the Iams and Eukanuba dogs as they are in the best of health and completely trained and socialized. Which is more than I can say for my spoiled little shih tzus who regard strangers with the greatest of suspicion and disdain. ;-) (Actually, that's just Jedi - Merlin loves everyone!)

More than half the time the dogs are adopted by the people who work there, as they fall in love with the doggies they care for. Well, wouldn't you?

Some of the tests involve taste testing - which sounds like a great job to me! Others involve seeing how an increase in certain vital vitamins and minerals, amino acids, etc. improve the health of the dogs over time.

Any time a pet food claims to give you a shinier coat, increased joint and muscle care, more energy, etc. - they have to have the science to back it up. So one dog's job might be to eat the dog food formula that gives him more nutrients for good joints and muscles. He gets to take a run across the room on a sensitive pad once in a while to measure his gait and the movements of his joints and muscles in his legs. He (or she) wears those markers that Tiger Woods wore when they were capturing his movements to make his video game. All the dogs know is that it is fun!

What about the kitties?

There are kitties too - in lovely habitats that are half inside and half outside and the kitties have the ability to choose, all year long, where they want to be. They are filled with things to climb on and play with and hide in. Those kitties have it good!

We could look at them from a little further away, but couldn't play with them as kitties pick up germs fairly easy. Who knew?
Cageless Cat Habitats!

That's okay - you know I would rather play with dogs!

I had to be good and didn't even stuff a wiener dog into my suitcase. But you know I wanted to!

Stay tuned for further posts on my adventures with IAMS and Eukanuba.