Saturday, 23 June 2012

Meet My Grand-dog, an Iams Dog!

This is my grand-dog, Kimbo. He's a Cane Corso / Dogo Argentino cross and is one year old. A far cry from shih tzus! Some people are intimidated by his size, but he has no idea. He's a puppy through and through and he loves his grandma (me!). I bring him presents every time I visit him, most recently a deer antler and a lunge leash for training. (Which I had to get at a horse tack shop - I am a dedicated grandma.)

My son, Kimbo's dad or master, loves dogs and wants to work with them as a career. He loves practicing obedience training with Kimbo and of course they are best friends.

When I got to go to Ohio with P&G to visit the Iams and Eukanuba plant I was also fortunate to receive dog food vouchers for both my little guys and for Kimbo! Now grandma brings him delicious and nutritious food, too. I'm going for grandma of the year.

Touring the factory in Leipsic (which spellcheck wants me to change to Popsicle) was amazing. It was just like being in an episode of How It's Made. We wore hardhats and earplugs, hairnets and safety glasses. I won't say it was an attractive look for me, but it was kind of fun to be all dressed up like that. It was interesting to see how the food is made and packaged and the standards that they set are serious! There was much washing and disinfecting of us visitors as well as the people who worked there. I'm glad they go above and beyond to make sure the dogs have the healthiest foods possible. After all, they are family! (The dogs, not the staff, although they are pretty friendly.)

A message from Iams about their food:

The IAMS Brand offers four types of products for consumers to choose from:

•    IAMS  ProActive Health with PreBiotics improves digestion and strengthens the pet’s immune system.
•    IAMS Healthy Naturals strengthens the pet’s immune system by providing natural protein sources, Vitamin E and antioxidants, wholesome grains, and natural fiber found in apples.
•    IAMS Premium Protection offers the most advanced Iams nutrition available.
•    IAMS Veterinary Formula is designed to promote the optimal health of dogs.
•    IAMS Senior Plus formulated to address the nutritional and health needs of cats and dogs 11 years or older.

The brand’s most distinguishing element is nutritional superiority, with quality ingredients that help deliver a quality end product. Iams has led our industry with a number of nutritional firsts, including advances like tailored nutrition and foods designed for smarter, more trainable puppies. Through superior nutrition, Iams helps unleash pets’ potential, giving them more years of healthier living.

Iams makes Kimbo one happy and healthy doggie!