Monday, 2 July 2012

Grilling with the President - Steak Night!

It is hot, hot, hot out there. And when it is hot? We snuggle up to the biggest heat source there is outside besides the sun - the BBQ!

Beer in hand, there is nothing a Canadian loves more than summer grilling. Especially if prep is easy-peasy.

Delicious bacon-wrapped strip loin steaks for 2

Take 1 long strip loin steak, cut into 2 equal steaks. Place them in a freezer bag with
a generous sloshing of PC Steak Spice Marinade. Seal and let marinate overnight, if possible, turning once in a while.
When ready to grill- remove steaks from freezer bag, discarding used marinade. Wrap each steak in thick-cut bacon, securing with sturdy toothpicks. Let rest on counter while you heat up the grill. (Meat cooks better from room temperature, but be careful no to let it sit out for too long)
Grill to your tastes, turning only once per side to get those nice hatch marks. Brush with more of the marinade while grilling and before serving. To make the bacon extra-crispy, make sure to grill the sides briefly too.
Let rest for a couple of minutes before serving. (Remove toothpicks)
I like to use a standard amount of toothpicks for each steak, so that I know I have found them all.

Serve with veggies and the great sense of pride you will have from making such a delicious, yet easy, dish!

I read somewhere that Martha Stewart portioned her meats and stored them in the freezer in freezer bags - with the marinade inside! That way they marinated while defrosting in the fridge. Brilliant!

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