Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Izakaya: Japanese Bar Food

Japanese Bar Food
Hardcover, 176 pages

Think tapas has cornered the market on small plates bar food?

Izakaya (noun) A Japanese bar offering a selection of beverages and tapas-style snacks

Think again. Japanese bar food is fun and tasty and you can make it at home!
Izakaya! Japanese bar food is relaxed, simple - and always shared. Peek beyond the red lantern and create your own delicious izakaya classics at home.
 In the book you will find classic Japanese munchies as well as North American hybrids that combine east and west flavours for fantastic pub fare.

Contents include:
Izakaya! (introduction)
Small plates
Sharing plates

So take your pub party - or backyard soiree - to the next level with Izakaya. You'll be the talk of the town. 

A little personal information: I was born in Japan (though am not Japanese), Japanese delights hold a special place in my heart. Especially easy to make ones like in the book! Camembert Tempura, anyone? How about Fried Lotus Chips and Japanese Pickles. Or Beef Teriyaki, Miso-Glazed Salmon Skewers, Grilled Eggplant with Soy and Ginger.... is anyone else getting hungry?