Tuesday, 26 March 2013

French Lessons: Recipes and techniques for a new generation of cooks

French Lessons
Recipes and techniques 

for a new generation of cooks
by Justin North

Hardcover, 374 pages

While some cookbooks are all about getting a quick, balanced meal on the table in a hurry - French Lessons slows you down and brings you back to the art of cooking from those who held it in the highest esteem - the French.

'French cooking forms the basis of most modern cuisines. Understanding the techniques will enable you to make all the French classics and inspire you to create simple and flavoursome modern dishes with flair and confidence.'

After the introduction and a list of the essentials (batterie de cuisine & conversion tables), the Lessons are a complete course in classic French cooking. Think of yourself as Julia, without having to live in France or even leave your kitchen, to become fluent in the art of French cooking.

The Lessons
Flavourings * Stocks * Soups * Savoury sauces * Salads * Eggs * Preserving * Confits * Steaming, poaching and sous-vide * Fricassées and ragouts * Braising and slow cooking * Grilling and frying * Roasting * Vegetables * Sweet sauces * Fruit * Sorbets, ices and ice creams * Gelatine * Meringues and soufflés * Chocolate * Pastry * Breads and yeast doughs * Cakes, biscuits and petits fours * The cheese course.

This is a gorgeous book and an adventure well worth taking. My goal is to learn French Lessons - how about you?

Justin North began his career in his native New Zealand before traveling to England where he worked with renowned chef Raymond Blanc. After three successful years honing his skills abroad, he returned to Australia where he cooked with Liam Tomlin at the much-missed Sydney restaurant Banc. In 2001, North opened his own restaurant, Bécasse, and it was met with instant critical and public acclaim. North is also the author of Bécasse.