Sunday, 12 May 2013

David Stark: The Art of the Party

David Stark: The Art of the Party
Written by David Stark

Hardcover, 224 pages

David Stark - you know you are awesome when Martha comes to you for design. You may know him from his work with Martha's Weddings, or his over-the-top party planning for Target’s large-scale charitable events, private ceremonies, and public balls.

"One finds benefit parties decorated with drifting tendrils of paint strips or else walls upholstered in Post-its or centerpieces constructed from 18,000 donated pencils later to be passed along to schoolchildren. One finds 6,000 tons of recycled waste paper used to create fantasy décors. One does, that is, if David Stark is involved . . . David Stark Design [is] a just-published monograph about Mr. Stark’s forays into the New York night."
—The New York Times

In The Art of the Party, David Stark features 25 of his dream-worthy events - imparting his wit, wisdom and unique style so that you may learn to take your own events to the next level. You may never throw a royal gala, but you will find great inspiration in The Art of the Party.

Chapters include:
Trifles Make Perfection and Perfection is No Trifle
So You Want to Have a Party...
Create an Original
So Inviting
Resolve to Solve
Easy Does It
Party to The People
Tame the Beast
A Big Time Under the Big Top
Parties as Theater
The Big Picture 
Classic Themes Tell Powerful Stories
Ingenuity in the House
If the Site Fits
Something New Under the Sun
Hit Me Baby (One More Time)
The Soul of the Party
When  the Party Lasts All Season Long

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