Thursday, 2 May 2013

Smoke: New Firewood Cooking by Tim Byres

New Firewood Cooking
How to build flavor with fire,
 on the grill and in the kitchen
by Tim Byres
Hardcover, 256 pages

Smoke. So primal. So... delicious. Smoke and fire are how we first cooked food and something in us responds to these ancient ways of cooking.

Tim Byres is famous for his restaurant Smoke in Dallas, Texas, and now invites us to create delicious, hand-crafted meals at home. He is a pioneer in pure, clean meats and produce - growing most of his own and working with local organic farmers.

I am into Smoke in a big way. We still have our gas grill, sure, but now we mainly cook with top quality hardwood briquettes in a kettle style ceramic cooker. The difference is enough to make you cry. I am sold on the power of fire and smoke.

This cookbook is a synthesis of a lot of amazing experiences from a period of just a few years that led to the creation of a new style of firewood cooking, based on made-from-scratch ingredients and traditional American recipes and ideas. This new style reflects a hybrid of refined presentation and time-honored flavors. The food is fresh and clean with an imperfect elegance and the nostalgic scents of wood, whiskey, and molasses. -Tim Byers

Contents include:
Introduction: New Firewood Cooking and Our American Roots
Firewood Cooking: A Primer
Part One: Stocking a Larder
To choose chiles
To make a chile puree
To can pickles and preserves
Part Two: New Firewood Cooking
Fresh Salsas
Veggie Dishes
To plant a kitchen garden
To build a vertical planter
To make hominy
To smoke with planks
To clean a soft-shell crab
Poultry and Meat
To build your own smokehouse
To cure meat
To make sausage
To smoke sausage
To make tamales
To cut a brisket
To dress and stuff a rabbit
Sweets and Breads
Drinks by the Fire 
To smoke a pipe
(Italics are extra tip sections!)

Plus 4 complete feasts for when you have a crowd!

Tim Byres is the chef and owner of the restaurants Smoke and Chicken Scratch in Dallas, Texas. Food & Wine named him "Best New Chef of the Southwest" in 2011 and "The People’s Best New Chef" in 2012. He has been featured in Southern Living, the New York Times, and Garden & Gun. Josh Ozersky, the author of The Hamburger: A History and Meat Me in Manhattan, has written for Time, Newsday, Saveur, and the New York Times.