Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Linwood Barclay - A Tap on the Window

A Tap on the Window
by Linwood Barclay

Trade Paperback,  512 pages

Cal Weaver is a broken man. No longer a cop, the private investigator finds his reason and humanity crumbling down around him after the death of his teenage son. His wife is in a world of her own pain, constantly sketching pictures of her lost child, while Cal clings to the idea of finding out who was the catalyst in his son's death.

One rainy night he picks up a hitchhiker. It's a small town and she recognizes him. This is enough to sway his better judgement and let the wet teen into his car.

From there he finds himself in a baffling body switch and missing persons case in which his own innocence is questioned.

Something is greatly wrong with the town he lives in, and the more he discovers, the more convoluted and corrupt things seem.

Cal has to find out the truth and bring it to light before the body count rises. Nobody is innocent, and nothing is what it seems.

A great puzzle of a book by the master of the mystery thriller. 
Put this on your reading list! 

Photo credit: Michael Rafelson
LINWOOD BARCLAY, former columnist for the Toronto Star, is the #1 international bestselling author of nine critically acclaimed novels, including Trust Your Eyes, The Accident, Never Look Away, and No Time for Goodbye, which has been optioned for film. He lives near Toronto with his wife and has two grown children. The author lives in Oakville, ON.