Friday, 24 January 2014

Night Harvest: A Novel by Michael Alexiades

Night Harvest
A Novel
by Michael Alexiades
Paperback, 360 pages

Night Harvest is a complex and twisted ride. Part medical mystery, part whodunnit, part supernatural joyride all through the dank underground labyrinth of Manhattan.

Alternating perspectives gives us an intimate look into each of the characters and first hand dread at the horrors that ensue.

A fabulous first book by a highly regarded physician, Night Harvest will have you up till the wee hours... with all the lights on.

Michael Alexiades
From the back flap:
A riveting debut thriller from one of New York’s most eminent surgeons, Night Harvest follows the bizarre disappearance of patients from a Manhattan hospital into the murky underground of the city.

Fourth-year medical student Demetri Makropolis has been assigned to cover orthopedics at Eastside Medical Center, one of New York City’s finest hospitals. Just as his surgery team begins to operate on New York’s leading drama critic, F. J. Pervis III, the patient suddenly goes into cardiac arrest. The team fails to resuscitate him, so the corpse is moved to the hospital’s morgue. But before the autopsy is even performed, the body vanishes from the morgue and mysteriously reappears a day later—with the brain surgically removed. Even more disturbing is the medical examiner’s discovery: Pervis was still alive when the ghostly craniotomy was performed.

With their reputation at stake, the hospital assigns NYPD’s Detective Patrick McManus to the case; meanwhile, Demetri learns of an eerily similar century-old unsolved mystery that leads him to an enigmatic figure lurking in the bowels of the medical center. With Pervis as his experiment, the perpetrator initiates a chain reaction of chaos and murder in Manhattan.

A gripping tale filled with ambition, romance, jealousies, and black humor, Night Harvest is a thrilling ride that culminates in the long-abandoned elaborate network of subterranean rooms and corridors that still lie beneath present-day Manhattan.