Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Diane Keaton: Let's Just Say it Wasn't Pretty

By Diane Keaton
Hardcover, 224 pages

This book is a pick me up. It is an exploration of beauty. Really, what the heck is beauty? What we value? What we are inside? What we are outside? What inspires? Maybe a little of each?

In classic Diane Keaton style, she riffs on life and love and fuck ups. Getting up, falling down. Enjoying the ride. Swearing at inanimate objects. Beaming with pride. Self-flagellation. Awe. Neediness. Grattitude.

All loosely centered around the idea of beauty. Which is subjective at best - but which also makes it a great subject for tangential thinking. Something Keaton knows a little about.

Run a bubble bath or set out your lounge chair. Pour yourself something long and tall and prepare to laugh out loud, cringe, and generally feel a deeper appreciation for the broadness of the idea of beauty. You beautiful thing, you.

From the Back Flap:

From Academy Award winner and bestselling author Diane Keaton comes a candid, hilarious, and deeply affecting look at beauty, aging, and the importance of staying true to yourself—no matter what anyone else thinks.

Diane Keaton has spent a lifetime coloring outside the lines of the conventional notion of beauty. In Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty, she shares the wisdom she’s accumulated through the years as a mother, daughter, actress, artist, and international style icon. This is a book only Diane Keaton could write—a smart and funny chronicle of the ups and downs of living and working in a world obsessed with beauty.

In her one-of-a-kind voice, Keaton offers up a message of empowerment for anyone who’s ever dreamed of kicking back against the “should”s and “supposed to”s that undermine our pursuit of beauty in all its forms. From a mortifying encounter with a makeup artist who tells her she needs to get her eyes fixed to an awkward excursion to Victoria’s Secret with her teenage daughter, Keaton shares funny and not-so-funny moments from her life in and out of the public eye.

For Diane Keaton, being beautiful starts with being true to who you are, and in this book she also offers self-knowing commentary on the bold personal choices she’s made through the years: the wide-brimmed hats, outrageous shoes, and all-weather turtlenecks that have made her an inspiration to anyone who cherishes truly individual style—and catnip to paparazzi worldwide. She recounts her experiences with the many men in her life—including Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, and Sam Shepard—shows how our ideals of beauty change as we age, and explains why a life well lived may be the most beautiful thing of all.

Wryly observant and as fiercely original as Diane Keaton herself, Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty is a head-turner of a book that holds up a mirror to our beauty obsessions—and encourages us to like what we see.

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Diane Keaton is the New York Times bestselling author of Then Again, which was named one of the ten best books of the year by Janet Maslin of The New York Times, People, and Vogue. She has starred in some of the most memorable movies of the past forty years, including the Godfather trilogy, Annie Hall, Manhattan, Reds, Baby Boom, The First Wives Club, and Something’s Gotta Give. Her many awards include the Golden Globe and the Academy Award. Keaton lives with her daughter and son in Los Angeles.