Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Good Suicides: by Antonio Hill

The Good Suicides
By Antonio Hill

Trade Paperback, 352 pages

As a lifetime mystery and detective novel lover, some of my favourite books in this genre are the ones that take place in foreign (to me) countries. Sure I love my Nordic Noir, who doesn't? It got me beyond the Great Britain and North American fare. (Not that I don't still love me some British and local sleuthing, but it is great to explore another land and culture within the mystery) But setting is as interesting and important as character and I love being transported to a new land while reading.

Antonio Hill introduced me to Barcelona and his Inspector Salgado, an Argentine who is as deeply complicated as you would expect from a novelist who studied psychology.

The Good Suicides has Inspector Salgado investigating a number of suicides all stemming from one high powered company. Something does not add up. He finds himself deeper and deeper into the machinations of the company all while he himself is being investigated.

Suitably dark for noir lovers, add this book to your summer reading list. 

From the back flap:

The author of The Summer of Dead Toys returns with the next intense and harrowing thriller in his Inspector Salgado series.

Young, free and … dead.

     Senior staff at Alemany Cosmetics company come home with a secret after a team-building course in a remote country house. Now, they are committing suicide, one by one. Soon, they may all be dead. Each has received a photo from an anonymous source of three dogs hanging dead from a tree near the house.

Deciphering the personalities of these high-earning executives and their power structure, Inspector Salgado has his own way of making them speak. But Barcelona is now freezing cold and the city is hunkering against an unusually cold spell. Can Salgado break the ice before it’s too late?

ANTONIO HILL was born in Barcelona in 1966 and is a psychology graduate. He has spent over ten years as a literary translator and editor in various fields. Among others, he has translated David Sedaris, Jonathan Safran Foer, Glenway Wescott, Rosie Alison, Peter May, Rabih Alameddine and A.L. Kennedy. In July 2011 his first novel, The Summer of Dead Toys, was published, a commercial and critical success translated into fifteen languages.