Tuesday, 5 August 2014

No Safe House: A Thriller by Linwood Barclay

No Safe House
A Thriller
By Linwood Barclay

Trade paperback, 464 pages

Not only am I on the edge of my seat when I read Linwood Barclay's thrillers, (which just happen to get better and more complex as they go on), but I am constantly amazed at all the threads he has going on and how he manages to tie every little one together and still baffle you in the end.

The mind reels.

I read this 464 page novel in two days because I could not put it down. Okay, I might have stayed in my jammies for a whole day - but it was worth it!

Linwood Barclay can craft a puzzle like no other. Read this book. Read the rest of his books. Tell your friends.

From the Back Flap:

#1 international bestselling author Linwood Barclay delivers a sequel to No Time for Goodbye–an electrifying novel of suspense in which a family’s troubled past is about to return in more ways than one. And this time, they may not be able to escape…

     Seven years ago, Terry Archer and his family experienced a horrific ordeal that nearly cost them their lives. Today, the echoes of that night are still haunting them. Terry’s wife, Cynthia, is living separate from her husband and daughter after her own personal demons threatened to permanently ruin her relationship with them. Their daughter, Grace, is rebelling against her parents’ needless overprotection. Terry is just trying to keep his family together. And the entire town is reeling from the senseless murder of a local retired couple.
    But when Grace follows her delinquent boyfriend into a strange house, the Archers must do more than stay together. They must stay alive. Because now they have all been unwillingly drawn into the shadowy depths of their idyllic hometown. There, they will be reconnected with the man who saved their lives seven years ago, but who remains a ruthless, unrepentant criminal. The Archers will learn that there are some things people value much more than money, and some people who will do anything to get it.
    Caught in a labyrinth between family loyalty and ultimate betrayal, Terry must find a way to extricate his family from a lethal situation. All he knows is that survival might mean doing the unthinkable…

About the Author

Linwood Barclay, a former columnist for the Toronto Star, is the internationally bestselling author of seven critically acclaimed novels, including Fear the Worst, Too Close to Home, and No Time for Goodbye, which has been optioned for film. He lives near Toronto with his wife and has two grown children.