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125 Best Chocolate Chip Recipes

125 Best Chocolate Chip Recipes
Quick, Easy, Fun Ideas
by Julie Hasson
Paperback, 192 pages

"Anything is good if it is made of chocolate"
Jo Brand

There are few treats that capture one's attention as immediately and fully as chocolate. And chocolate chips are a baker's necessity, part of any stocked cabinet. (Except, in some cases, when other family members find them and eat them out of the jar. Best to hide them in this case. Perhaps behind the prunes.)

Julie Hasson, author of 6 cookbooks and writer for numerous cooking magazines, has put together the quintessential cookbook of our favourite pantry staple. 125 tried and true recipes that can be made simply and easily at home - from chocolate chips!

Many are great for spending time in the kitchen with the kids, and others offer simple yet delicious desserts for entertaining. Or even for those days you just want to treat yourself!

Recipes include:

Cookies-and-Cream Shake, Chocolate Caramel Cream Shake, Chocolatini

Chocolate Chip Hotcakes, Chocolate Cherry Chip Granola, Apricot Chip Scones

Chocolate Espresso Lava Cake, Chocolate Mousse Cake, Coconut Cupcakes

Chocolate Chip Meringues, The Quintessential Chocolate Chip Cookie, Oat Bars

Frozen Desserts
Coconut Chip Sorbet, Mississippi Mud Pie, Banana Chip Foster, Affogato

Chocolate Chip Cranberry Muffins, High-Octane Espresso Chip Morning Muffins

Pies, Tarts and Puddings
Chocolate Chip Brownie Tart, Banana Fanna Pie, Chocolate Tiramisu.

And much more!

Frozen Cappuccino, page 118, frozen desserts


One day my mother called to rave about a sorbet she had had. She went on to describe its flavor, aroma and texture. I never got to taste that sorbet, but I developed this one based entirely upon her colorful description. It is truly heavenly.

This dessert looks great served in espresso cups. Place espresso cups in the freezer for 30 minutes before you’re ready to serve the dessert. Remove the cups from the freezer and fill with a scoop of frozen cappuccino. A chocolate chip cookie would make a perfect accompaniment to the sorbet.

•    Ice cream maker

1 cup    unsweetened Dutch-process     250 mL
    cocoa powder, sifted  
3⁄4 cup    superfine sugar    175 mL
1⁄2 tsp    ground cinnamon    2 mL
2 cups    hot freshly brewed coffee    500 mL
1⁄2 cup    semisweet chocolate chips    125 mL
1⁄2 cup    whipping (35%) cream    125 mL
1 tbsp    gold rum    15 mL
1 tsp    grated orange zest    5 mL
1 tsp    vanilla    5 mL
1⁄3 cup    miniature semisweet     75 mL
    chocolate chips
1.    In a small bowl, whisk together cocoa powder, sugar and cinnamon.
2.    In a large bowl or pitcher, combine hot coffee, chocolate chips, cream, rum, orange zest and vanilla. Whisk in cocoa mixture until smooth.
3.    Refrigerate mixture until cold. Pour into ice cream maker and freeze according to manufacturer’s directions. When mixture is thick, add miniature chocolate chips. Continue freezing until very thick and frozen.
4.    Serve immediately or freeze in an airtight container for up to 1 day.

Courtesy of 125 Best Chocolate Chip Recipes: Quick, Easy, Fun Ideas by Julie Hasson 2014 © Reprinted with publisher permission.

Chocolate Mousse-Filled Cupcakes, page 56, cakes


These cupcakes are a grown-up version of the store-bought treats beloved by children. Devil’s food cupcakes are filled with a luscious chocolate mousse center and topped with a coating of chocolate ganache.

The cupcakes will keep for up to 1 day, but they are best eaten the day they are made.

•    Preheat oven to 350°F (180°C)
•    Two muffin pans, greased or lined with paper liners
•    Baking sheet, lined with foil or parchment paper

11⁄2 cups    all-purpose flour    375 mL
3⁄4 cup    unsweetened Dutch-process     175 mL
    cocoa powder  
1 tsp    baking soda    5 mL
1 tsp    baking powder    5 mL
1⁄4 tsp    salt    1 mL
2     eggs    2
13⁄4 cups    granulated sugar    425 mL
1⁄2 cup    vegetable oil    125 mL
1 tsp    vanilla    5 mL
11⁄4 cups    strong brewed coffee,     300 mL
    at room temperature  
1⁄3 cup    semisweet chocolate chips    75 mL
1 tbsp    strong brewed coffee    15 mL
3⁄4 cup    whipping (35%) cream    175 mL
1 tbsp    confectioner’s (icing) sugar    15 mL
2⁄3 cup    whipping (35%) cream    150 mL
1 cup    semisweet chocolate chips    250 mL

1.    In a medium bowl, sift together flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder and salt.
2.    In a large bowl, using electric mixer, beat eggs, sugar, oil and vanilla until creamy. Add flour mixture, beating just until combined. Beat in coffee until smooth. Do not overbeat.
3.    Fill prepared muffin cups with batter. Bake in preheated oven for 22 to 24 minutes, until cupcakes are just firm to the touch and a tester inserted into center of cupcake comes out clean. Let cool in pans on racks for 10 minutes. Remove from pans and let cool completely on racks.
4.    Filling: In a microwave-safe dish, combine chocolate chips and coffee. Microwave on High for 21⁄2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds, until chocolate is shiny and almost melted. Stir until smooth. Remove from microwave and stir until chocolate is melted and smooth. Let cool slightly.
5.    In a large bowl, using electric mixer, whip cream and confectioner’s sugar until almost stiff peaks. Add melted chocolate mixture, beating just until incorporated. Finish mixing by hand with a rubber spatula.
6.    Using a sharp paring knife, gently cut a 3⁄4-inch (2 cm) cone from the bottom of each cupcake and trim point off cone. Using a small spoon, fill each hole with chocolate cream filling and replace reserved cones. Place on prepared baking sheet and refrigerate while preparing glaze.
7.    Glaze: In a microwave-safe bowl, microwave cream on High until it starts to simmer, about 40 seconds. Add chocolate chips and whisk until melted and shiny. Stir until smooth. Set aside to cool for 10 minutes. Dip tops of each filled cupcake in chocolate glaze. Place dipped cupcakes on prepared baking sheet and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Courtesy of 125 Best Chocolate Chip Recipes: Quick, Easy, Fun Ideas by Julie Hasson 2014 © Reprinted with publisher permission.

Chocolate Tiramisu, page 163, puddings


The name of this fabulous Italian dessert means “pick-me-up.” Be forewarned: once you make this dessert for guests, you will forever be known for it. My sister-in-law Meredith loves this dessert so much that she had me make giant ones for her wedding reception.

This dessert is best made 1 day before serving.

•    13- by 9-inch (3 L) glass baking dish or large bowl

2    packages (each 8 oz/250 g)     2
    cream cheese or mascarpone   
2 cups    confectioner’s (icing) sugar,     500 mL
21⁄3 cups    whipping (35%) cream    575 mL
1 cup    hot strong brewed coffee    250 mL
3⁄4 cup    semisweet chocolate chips    175 mL
1⁄4 cup    dark rum    50 mL
48    crisp ladyfingers, divided    48
    Unsweetened cocoa powder

1.    In a large bowl, using electric mixer, whip cream cheese until smooth. Add confectioner’s sugar, whipping until creamy and smooth. With machine on low, gradually add cream in a steady stream. Whip mixture on high speed until it reaches soft peaks.
2.    In a medium bowl, whisk together hot coffee, chocolate chips and rum until smooth. Dip half of the ladyfingers in coffee mixture and place in an even layer in bottom of baking dish. Spread half of the cream mixture over ladyfingers. Dip remaining ladyfingers in coffee mixture and place over cream mixture. Spread remaining cream mixture over ladyfingers, smoothing top.
3.    Cover and refrigerate tiramisu overnight. Just before serving, lightly dust top with unsweetened cocoa powder.

Courtesy of 125 Best Chocolate Chip Recipes: Quick, Easy, Fun Ideas by Julie Hasson 2014 © Reprinted with publisher permission.