Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Great Lobster Cookbook

More than 100 recipes to cook at home
By Matt Dean Pettit
Trade Paperback, 216 pages

Join the Crustacean Nation and get cracking!

I love lobster. I really do. I came to it a little later than some. Was already grown up before discovering how truly special and delicious it is. I have one to myself for special occasions. With butter of course, lots of butter. But it has never occurred to me to try it in different forms and styles.

Matt Pettit is an Ontario fellow who discovered his crustacean crush early and went with it. His story of starting small in Toronto and rising within the food culture there is joyful to read and very inspiring.

His book not only gives more than 100 recipes, but also teaches you everything you need to know about choosing, preparing, cooking, and eating lobsters.

He takes the fear and mystery out of this fun and delicious food and makes us comfortable with utilizing it in different ways.

After Lobster 101, the recipe chapters include:

Brunch * Small Plates * Soups and Salads * Rolls, Tacos, and Burgers * Big Plates * Sides * Desserts * Drinks * 
Sauces and Staples

From the Back Flap:

Lobster has long been thought of as a staple of haute cuisine and a dish of indulgence, something that only a true expert in the kitchen can perfectly execute.

From Matt Dean Pettit, chef and owner of Rock Lobster Food Co., comes a collection of more than 100 simple and delicious lobster recipes showing how fun, easy, and stress-free cooking with lobster can be.

A lobster lover since he was a little boy, Matt Dean Pettit started Rock Lobster Food Co. after an eye-opening experience on the East Coast. He had eaten lobster everywhere he could find it, from fresh-off-the-dock to dive bars, and was left wondering why lobster could be so readily available (and so reasonably priced) at the source but reserved for high-end restaurants across the rest of the country. He pledged then and there to bring lobster to the masses.

The Great Lobster Cookbook includes more than 100 of Matt’s best recipes—from the famous Rock Lobster Roll and the Classic Lobster Boil to Lobster Eggs Benny, Lobster Poutine, and even a mouthwatering recipe for Vanilla Bean Lobster Ice Cream. Star chefs, such as Mark McEwan and Roger Mooking, also share their favorite lobster dishes.

With easy-to-follow recipes, notes on lobster anatomy, and basic cooking techniques, Matt demystifies the lobster, highlighting its versatility and taking readers on a cross-country journey into its world, from claw to tail.
A new cookbook classic for every lobster lover, The Great Lobster Cookbook shows that lobster doesn’t need to be reserved for special occasions. Join the Crustacean Nation and get cracking.

Matt Dean Pettit has loved cooking since, at age 13, he got his first job as a prep cook in his home town of Midland, Ontario, Canada. In 2011, Matt started Rock Lobster Food Co., Canada’s first lobster-centric food company, showcasing lobster and making it easy and accessible for Canadians to eat on a regular basis. Matt is a Canadian culinary brand ambassador for Samuel Adams, and he is also the founder and owner of Camp 416 Food Trading Co., which distributes the Matty’s Seafood line and other quality food items across Canada. Rock Lobster started as a small pop-up food truck and now has multiple locations in downtown Toronto.