Saturday, 20 December 2014

Kii Naturals Crisps - my new favourite cracker. Bring on the brie!

It isn't Christmas without a giant wheel of brie, in my household. And for this cheese, plus whatever other fine cheeses and fruits that tempt me.... I need a good cracker. Not the over-salted cardboard that passes for crackers in the mass produced cracker aisle. But something hearty, chewy, and interesting. That pairs well with wine. Whatever you happen to be drinking. 

I was happy to be invited to try Kii Naturals Crisps. They hit the nail on the head. The flavour profiles are fearless and fun and their dedication to quality is heartwarming.

This year, be a better person - eat better crackers. 

The Kii Commitment

At Kii Naturals, we understand that for most families the realities of living a fast-paced urban lifestyle can cause us to compromise when making healthier food choices each day. We believe that moderation is a realistic goal for most of us and that choosing either excess or denial is not a sustainable lifestyle strategy. That's why we are so determined to provide you with healthier, great tasting ingredients and products that can be easily incorporated into your day to day. We aren't expecting you to entirely replace convenience food choices with our products, but rather include them in your repertoire of go-to food choices as a way of balancing what you are feeding yourself and your families.

That's why Kii Naturals is committed to:

    Sourcing the very best ingredients to North America from where they grow naturally throughout the world.
    Offering them in their natural state or after being gently milled or refined using our proprietary technologies.
    Including them exclusively in the products made in our Margaret's Artisan Bakery.

Rosemary PistachioOne of our newer savoury crisp flavours has the perfect amount of rosemary and parsley married with pure golden honey from Canada and pistachio nuts to give you a delightful zing with a hint of sweetness.
Goji Berry & PistachioGoji berries... a little powerhouse of anti-oxidants mingle beautifully with flavourful raisins and cholesterol lowering pistachio nuts. This blend creates a perfect storm of ingredients to promote good health. Enjoy!
Mango Curry & CashewThis savoury crisp with cashews from Vietnam and our very own curry blend dances on your tastebuds... makes you want to mango tango after the first bite!
Apricot Orange AlmondA superb companion for bitter cheeses. Our sweetest crisp flavour with perfectly tree ripened apricots and the freshest shelled almonds from the sunny south is sure to be a guest pleaser at your next soiree.
Date & WalnutThis earthy flavour pairs succulent dates from the Middle East and California's finest crop of aromatic walnuts for a rich treat that inspires imagery of moonlit nights at an oasis.