Sunday, 18 January 2015

Amnesia: A Novel by Peter Carey

A Novel
by Peter Carey

Hardcover, 320 pages

This was a bizarre trip of a book. Certainly original, intelligent and tangential in scope, it reads briskly and brusk in a mad dash to help a cyber activist. But really it hints and jabs, parries and thrusts at the much forgotten relationship between Australia and the CIA.

Edgy characters, edgy writing, edgy subject matter. Fun, smart, and completely unlike anything I have ever read before.

From the Back Flap:

From the two-time Booker Prize winner: a masterful, exceedingly timely new novel--at once dark, suspenseful and seriously funny--that takes us on a journey to the place where the cyber underworld of radicals and hackers collides with international power politics.

     When an internet virus throws open the gates at thousands of American prisons, the hacker turns out to be an unlikely young Australian woman. Has she declared cyber war on the United States or was her "Angel Worm" intended only to free the victims of Australia's immigration policies? Is she innocent? Can she be saved? The answers are up to journalist Felix Moore, a.k.a. Felix Moore-or-less-correct. His career is tanking when he gets this chance to write a biography that will vindicate the young woman. Funding is to be provided by an old friend--an outrageous millionaire property developer--and further impetus by an old flame: the young woman's actress mother whom Felix worshipped when they were at university together. And it will be our great good fortune to see the world through Felix's comic, cowardly, angry, yet fundamentally humane eyes as he attempts to save the young woman--and redeem himself in the bargain.

Peter Carey is the author of twelve previous novels and has twice received the Booker Prize. His other honors include the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize and the Miles Franklin Literary Award. Born in Australia, he has lived in New York City for the past twenty years.