Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Night Sister by Jennifer McMahon

The Night Sister
by Jennifer McMahon

Hardcover, 336 pages
Publisher: Doubleday Canada

I read Jennifer McMahon's last book, The Winter People, and greatly enjoyed it - but this book was even better.

She has the ability to write a thriller that is personal and character driven and that brings you in right away. One of those books that you don't want to end because it is so entertaining. So easy to just dive into and become engrossed in, no matter where you are.

It has travelled, happily, I like to believe, with me all this week. A friend when I needed it. An escape. One of those books you can leave mid sentence and dive right back in at first opportunity.

I look forward to more of her work. Jennifer McMahon is a treasure.

From the Back Flap:

A derelict motel, haunting childhood memories, hidden rooms, two sisters and family secrets--a supernatural tale that will thrill and chill in equal measure.

     Once a thriving attraction on the well-traveled roads of rural Vermont, the Tower Motel now stands in disrepair, an eerie, abandoned place. Amy, her best friend, Piper, and Piper's younger sister, Margot, played there as kids, exploring everywhere, even the forbidden tower itself--where they uncovered a secret one summer that ended their friendship.

     Twenty years later, Piper has left all of that behind, until she gets a call from Margot telling her that Amy's been accused of a horrific crime. Piper and Margot will have to confront what truly happened that long-ago summer and all that led up to it--a hidden room, a family drowning in secrets, another pair of sisters each believing the other to be something truly monstrous--in order to understand, and survive, what is happening now.

JENNIFER McMAHON is the New York Times bestselling author of six suspense novels, including The Winter People, The One I Left Behind, Island of Lost Girls, and Promise Not to Tell. She lives in Vermont with her partner and their daughter. Visit her at