Friday, 27 November 2015

Midnight Sun: A Novel by Jo Nesbo

Midnight Sun
A Novel
by Jo Nesbo

Hardcover, 224 pages
Publisher: Random House Canada

Another tribute to misunderstood killers and their complex emotional lives.

I love anything that Jo Nesbo writes, and Midnight Sun (along with Blood on Snow) are special adjuncts to the genre that he portrays so well.

In this book we see a little more of a blossoming of hope. A wanting to believe in others and in ones self.

The Harry Hole series will always be my favourite of his books, but for the fans of this series and Nesbo in general - Midnight Sun will scratch that itch until the next installment.

From the Back Flap:

In a remote corner of Norway - a mountain town so far north the sun never sets - a man is running for his life in the sequel to bestseller Jo Nesbo's Blood on Snow.

Jon is on the run. he has betrayed Oslo's biggest crime lord: The Fisherman.

Fleeing to an isolated corner of Norway, to a mountain town so far north that the sun never sets, Jon hopes to find sanctuary amongst a local religious sect.

Hiding out in a shepherd's cabin in the wilderness, all that stands between him and his fate are Lea, a bereaved mother, and her son, Knut.

But while Lea provides him with a rifle and Knut brings essential supplies, the midnight sun is slowly driving Jon to insanity.

And then he discovers that The Fisherman's men are getting closer...

Jo Nesbo

is a musician, songwriter, economist, and author. His first crime novel featuring Harry Hole was published in Norway in 1997 and was an instant hit, winning the Glass Key Award for best Nordic crime novel. He is the author of ten Harry Hole novels; Headhunters; The Son; and several children’s books. His books have been translated into forty-seven languages. In 2008, he established the Harry Hole Foundation, a charity to reduce illiteracy among children in the developing world. He lives in Oslo.