Monday, 22 February 2016

Superlegumes. Eat Your Way to Great Health.

Eat Your Way to Great Health
by Chrissy Freer
Publisher: Appetite by Random House
Trade Paperback, 224 pages

I simply loved Chrissy Freers Supergrains and was super excited to know that she had a follow up book on legumes. They both sit proudly on a shelf that holds a zillion jars of dried grains and legumes. I am ready for anything. Plus I really like pretty jars of dried goods. They are like jewels. Edible jewels. That help your body.

Superlegumes is a treasure. It includes a full cooking guide for each kind of legume with instructions for soaking, stove top cooking, and pressure cooking.

It includes 85 recipes that are hearty, healthy, and not too fussy. Life is simple if you make it so. Live simply and live healthily. Feel Super!

Contents are arranged by legume: chickpeas; white beans; soy beans & adzuki beans; peas; borlotti beans, fava beans & green beans; pinto beans, fava beans & kidney beans; lentils; peanuts & lupins; carob & mesquite.

From the Back Flap:

Fresh and delicious recipes to help you harness the superfood nutrition of legumes, and prove that beans are anything but boring.

In this bright and bold new cookbook, beans and pulses are the star of the show. From chickpeas to green beans, here are more than 90 recipes to show how these nutrient-packed superfoods make delicious center-of-the-plate meals.

     These health-bringing recipes are a mix of fresh vegetarian, meat and fish-based dishes for every meal and occassion. All of them use beans and pulses in new and inspiring ways--from Pulled Pork Black Bean Sliders, to Pea, Avocado, Walnut and Herb Couscous; Pumpkin, Bean and Coconut soup, to Masala Beef and Red Kidney Bean Curr; Duck Breast with Pancetta, to Piri Piri Chicken with Smashed Chickpeas; Peanut Carob Button Cookies, to Double Choc Bean Brownies, or Mandarin, Pistachio and Chickpea Cake.

     The easy-to-follow recipes are complemented by stunning photography, showing the vibrancy and color of every dish. Superlegumes is also packed with cooking tips, serving suggestions and nutritional information for each and every legume. From breakfast through to after-dinner treats, Superlegumes serves up delicious ways to incorporate these superfoods into your diet. Who said beans are boring?

CHRISSY FREER is a freelance food writer, editor and stylist who has developed a signature style of creating delicious recipes with a wholistic health focus. A qualified nutritionist, she studied Food and Nutrition at the University of Western Sydney, before combining her love of good food and nutrition to work in the food publishing industry, debuting at Delicious magazine. Her first book, Supergrains, sold more than 10,000 copies in North America.