Moosewood Mondays!

Longing to create the fresh and lively foods from the Moosewood Restaurant series of cookbooks?

We all have them, gathering dust while we stock our shelves with shinier books. But Moosewood was a revolution in home cooking; bright flavours and healthy dishes (but not too healthy - lots of fun ones in there too!)

If, like me, you are looking for inspiration to go back to your Moosey basics - feel free to join me for Moosewood Mondays!

Participation is as often as you like, no rules. Moosewood is laid-back, we should be too.

Now, find your old Moosewood cookbooks and cook along!
(or, Mollie Katzen has recipes on her website here)

Grab a button if you wish. ☺


Happy Moosing!

Click here to see what Moosey dishes I have whipped up so far.